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Whizzpermits deals with applications for Naturalisation as a British Citizen, the following criteria has to be met before lodging the application:

Section 1 – Personal information, you should make sure your name, place and date of birth are entered correctly and match as per your passport and identification documents.  If the application is successful you will need to be presented with your certificate.  Ceremonies will normally be within your local authority near where you live.

Section 2 – Residence requirements, In order to meet the residence requirements, you must have been in the UK for at least 5 years (three years if you are married to or the civil partner of a British Citizen.

Section 3 – Good Character, You must provide details of all criminal convictions including road traffic offences, but not fixed penalty notices unless they were given in court. Fixed penalty notices include parking and speeding offences. Drink driving offences must be declared.

Section 4 – Crown Service, You should complete this section only if you are applying on the basis of your own crown service or your husbands, wife’s or civil partners crown or designated service if they are a British citizen.

Section 5 – Referees and Identity, You must include a recent passport photograph of yourself, clipped or stapled to the space provided. The photograph must show the whole of your face, it should not be covered by your hair (except a beard, sideburns or a moustache), a scarf or traditional dress. You should not be wearing dark glasses, a hat, a hood, a cap or a scarf.

Your application must include details of two referees. The referees should have known you personally for at least three years. One referee should be a person of any nationality who is of professional standing such as a minister of religion, civil servant or a member of a professional association such as an accountant or a solicitor

Section 6 – Declaration by applicant, you must read this section in full and answer all the questions. You must sign and date the completed application form. If you are unable to sign the application form, you must make a mark or fingerprint and ask one of your referees to sign to confirm it is your mark or fingerprint.

If the applicant is not of sound mind and you are acting on his or her behalf you should sign to indicate your responsibility for the accuracy of the information. You must provide a covering letter to support the application explaining who you are and why the applicant cannot act on their own behalf.